Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 2008

It’ll Be Allright, Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 2008

Rain, festival Le Chantier, Paris, 2006 / Photography J. Cornille

Que seriez-vous prêts à risquer ? La Grange, Creil, 1986

Que seriez-vous prêts à risquer ? (What would you be willing to risk?) plunges the viewer into the ambiguity of a television game in which the musical guest is Clair Obscur. We do not know if it is a masquerade or actually a live broadcast. The control operates, the cameras are there, the presenters animate, cards in hand, Clair Obscur appears at regular intervals. Everything is there: the decor (green plants, Venetian blinds, lounge area), the literary guest, the scientific guest… To reinforce the real aspect of a TV game, it has been announced throughout the city by a car, in the colors of the game, which broadcasted with a loudspeaker the time and place of the show and distributed leaflets to passersby.

The end of the representation approaches, everything switches. The show is destroyed from the inside because one of the competitors admits live and despite himself a heinous crime. The host, overwhelmed by events symbolizes a television that pursues the sensational and implodes from excessive indecency: the backfire is violent. The latest images switch into the fantastic and accentuate the gravity of the subject: we see speleologists coming down from the sky and, in slow motion, disassemble the scenery, oh so ephemeral.

Statues, festival Plages, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1983. Director, René Licata. Editing, Alic Bonneton. Production A.C.D 2005. RVB-Transfert, images de la scène indépendante française 1979-1991


Mon ami mon frère, engravings by Paul Diemunsch. Editing, @natayolie, 2020

The Last Encounter, remix and video by Mirka Lugosi, 2011

It’ll Be Allright, remix and video by Gilles Berquet, 2011

GOP, remix and video by Melissa Epaminondi, 2011

GOP is a remix and a video made in response to Christophe Demarthe’s invitation to revisit his album We Gave a Party for The Gods and The Gods all Came (cd Optical Sound).

The original song This Song is For You GPO is a tribute to Genesis P-Orridge, a pioneer of industrial music. The remix is ​​based on the work of this artist: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, a being born from plastic surgery between Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye Breyer. An unprecedented bodily experiment with the aim of becoming each other physically similar.

The GPO remix draws a parallel between the very form of a remix (cutting and then gluing a musical piece) and the plastic surgical experiments carried out by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge inspiring the original title.

ENT surgeon Jean-Pierre Cristofari took part in this remixing operation, cutting out the lyrics to reassemble them in alphabetical order.

To this musical layer is added my voice and a videotropy of my vocal cords produced thanks to Doctor Elisabeth Fresnel of the Laboratoire de la voix: Espace in Paris, who agreed to carry out this vocal assessment established during the sung reading of the GOP remix. | Melissa Epaminondi

This Song Is For You GPO, remix and video by Christian Vialard, 2011


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