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lecube Interview + live excerpt
Interview of Clair Obscur about their performance Battle
at Le Cube in 2008, plus live excerpt from their show.
Photography & editing Marc Ribaudo (c) Pixaway Production.

rain Rain live
Live excerpt from the show at festival Le Chantier, Paris.
Photography J. Cornille.

La ballade des gens heureux live
Live excerpt from the show Que seriez-vous prêts à risquer ? at La Grange à Musique, Creil. Read more here

beauxarts Statues live
Live excerpt from the show at festival Plages, Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris.
Director René Licata. Editing Alic Bonneton. Production A.C.D 2005. Excerpt from 
RVB-TRANSFERT, images de la scène indépendante française 1979-1991.

available from

Many more videos on YouTube
There are many more videos of Clair Obscur posted on YouTube by Clair Obscur or by their fans. Click on the logo on the left to go to Clair Obscur official YouTube page.